Jamie-Lee Sexton

Lead Vocalist

Hailing from the tiny town of Magaliesburg, just outside of Johannesburg, Jamie-Lee Sexton is a small town girl with BIG dreams.

Her powerful Vocals and mosaic of Musical Talents; are a progressive product of her pursuit of Music from her Childhood.

Singing from the innocent age of four; self-taught Guitarist and Pianist from her adolescence, Jamie-Lee pursued a career in Music and Drama, by enrolling at AFDA in Johannesburg and completed with her Honours in Live Performance.

With Music encased in every beat of Jamie-Lee’s body, she entered Idols in 2010 and made it to the prestigious Top 8.

Although Jamie-Lee is a multifaceted Artist, and able to perform an assortment of genres; her signature sound is a mélange of new age soul, alternative pop and a touch a jazz.

From Jingles in Studio to International and National Festivals, Jamie-Lee is a voracious and versatile Artist; displaying her Drive, Talent, Passion, Dynamism and Dedication to her Craft.

Jamie-Lee founded The Sextons in 2013 a band that is full of great music, powerful lyrics and a performance on stage that is enjoyed and remembered by all.

A little more about Jamie-Lee – She loves great Gin & Tea, a little obsessed with good music, hanging out at Bowls club, art, cooking, pranks, tequila, Frank Ocean and creating playlists.

Danny Helsing


Danny Helsing began his musical journey at the age of 15 after buying his first bass from a friend.

He spent the rest of high school career performing with friends in bands and developing his talent. After finishing high school, Danny started gigging in the underground rock scene with several bands, eventually founding a progressive rock band called, New Earth.

For the next two years, he continued gigging, organising and promoting events in the music scene. In 2012, Danny took his passion for music and began his studies in music production at The Academy of Sound Engineering.

In 2014, after a conversation with The Sextons drummer – Mark, Danny was invited to audition for the band. The rest, as they say, is history.

Steve Greyvenstein


On a seemingly average day while The Sextons were having band practice the room started shaking uncontrollably. All of a sudden a portal appeared and from it stepped a Steve with a Strat.

He proceeded to play the most mind-boggling futuristic riffs and The Sextons joined in. The chemistry was unbelievable and the future Steve was asked to join the band.

Steve’s passion for music started by time travelling to Woodstock ’69 and witnessing the mighty Hendrix at work.

The man himself even showed Steve a few licks and sent him off with a device called a Stratocaster. Since then he has travelled across time and space finding inspiration from the likes of Frank Zappa, Radiohead, St. Vincent, The Beatles, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Mars Volta, Bjork and Joni Mitchell.

Looking for the ultimate band to rule the universe with, Steve went as far into the future as he could possibly go to look back and see which band would have the biggest impact on all of time and space.

This is how Steve eventually came to teleport himself into The Sexton’s reality and they have since been paving the way to world domination.

Mark van Dijk


Mark van Dijk, born and raised on The Avenues narrowly escaped not being a musician when he took up the drums at 18 years old.

Having played hundreds of gigs in many provinces and a few counties he loves nothing more than being on stage and making people dance.

A little bit about Mark-He loves; Coca-Cola, pizza, beer, cats, and the Oxford Comma.

Music that influences his playing in The Sextons; The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Arctic Monkeys, The Police, Mumford and Sons.

How Mark came to be about to be in The Sextons [sic]; He received a phone call from a friend asking if he wanted to join a new band.

He listened to Jamie- Lee’s songs on the internet and instantly decided he wanted to join the band.

What he loves most about being in The Sextons; Getting to play loads of shows with good mates.